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Creating an profile



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Managing your account

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Setting up a account


Click on List a Property on top right corner of the screen and create a account

         Creating a profile

Next step is creating a profile for yourself there are three steps

1. Fill in personal info the top of the page is for the public the bottom is for Chrental only


2. Your address the public will only see the Country and City 

After you have added it click Add

3. Connect Payments 

Click Link Account and connect your Paypal account to our system

We will not have any access to your account 

Select the second option as well 

Click Save

         Managing your account 

Now that you are a host 

you can now access all the features we offer

You can view all your options in the menu bar (Photo #1) 

Your Dashboard allows you to view how many views and bookings you have had (Photo #2)

Go to Your Listings to view properties you have uploaded you can edit it by clicking the Pencil button or you can take it off from being viewed by click on the View able button (#Photo #3)

Go to confirmations to see your bookings you can click on reviews to see what kind of review the guest gave (Photo #4) 


           Accepting Bookings 


Once you have the guest have confirmed on booking 

On the left side of the inbox is a button create a offer click on that 

(Photo #1)

Enter the dates and amount you are charging the guest (do not enter the deposit charge since we take commission from this amount) (Photo #2)

Once it is sent (Photo #3) 

The guest can click accept and be able to pay your through our system

Make sure to have the guest leave a review after his stay as other guests decided where to stay based on reviews

Custom amount, Refunds and Deposits 


Our System was designed with flexibilty to your comfort zone you can charge any custom amount through the create a offer system.


With regards to the deposit it is the same you can charge the guest whatever deposit amount you are comfortable with, though we do suggest you write it together with your listing so there are no misunderstandings. Have the guest send you the deposit  through another form since any payments done through our system we take 2% from another point  if the guest would like Chrental to hold the deposit until after his stay we would be glad too 

Refunds are done by you through your Paypal account Chrental right now is not involved in the Payment process and it is only between you and the guest we do not take any responsibility for any issue at all it is you and the guest who are responsible 

If you process a refund for the customer let Chrental know and they wil return the 2% we charged for the booking. 

Hosts and Guest can be removed from the platform if we see anything we judge as dishonest.

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